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December 5, 2023

Top 6 Reasons to Love King Taps Brunch

king taps breakfast pizza

If you agree brunch is the best meal of the week, you belong here with us. And if you’re wondering why we call our weekend menu the brunch of champions, we’re about to spill all the reasons why you’re gonna love King Taps brunch.

Grab your forks and get ready for a feast that goes beyond your wildest brunch dreams. Let’s dive into the delicious deets!


1. Brunch Happy Hour
The star player on our already stacked lineup of specials, Brunch Happy Hour is our treat for all the early-ish birds. Get here before noon and get rewarded with deals starting at $10 on some of our most popular food items. Consider it your incentive to make plans to leave the house in the AM. You can thank us when you’ve got the rest of the day ahead of you after an extra delicious Brunch Happy Hour in Kelowna or Toronto.


2. Breakfast Pizza
A Revolution Pizza for breakfast? Absolutely, yes! We took your favourite meal of the week and added the one thing it’s missing. Our Breakfast Pizza is a weekend showstopper you won’t find anywhere else, topped with parmesan cream sauce, leek fondue, double smoked bacon and two eggs. Super easy to share with your brunch crew, and just as easy to devour one on your own.


3. Brunch Reservations
Why wait when you can book ahead?? We’ve all been there: stuck waiting for a table when all you can think about is the Nashville Hot Chicken & Waffles you’re about to crush. Well, at King Taps, you can skip the hunger-induced grumpiness and go straight to the front of the line like the brunch VIP you are. No lines, no stress—just pure brunch bliss. Grab reservations for King Street brunch in Toronto, or book a spot at our Lakeside location when you’re planning brunch in Kelowna’s downtown.


4. Cheers to Brunch Drinks
Brunch without cocktails is just a late breakfast. Enter our brunch drinks that pair perfectly with whatever your weekend vibe is. When you’re in party mode, the Na’Cho Caesar comes with all the fun garnishes (yup, even a Flamin Hot Dorito). Our Blanco and Tinto Sangrias keep things super refreshing, and our Moonwalker espresso martini is a main-feed worthy drink for anyone looking for an Instagrammable brunch. Don’t forget to tag us!


5. We’re on Cloud 9
If pizza is for brunch, so is dessert! Cloud 9 is so loved by our guests, we knew we had to add it to the brunch menu. Warm banana bread topped with vanilla ice cream, fresh banana and fluffy whipped cream makes for one seriously perfect bite. Grab one for the table at the end of your meal, or just go ahead and order this one to start when you’re craving a sweet breakfast. (PS: try it with the Moonwalker and thank us later!)


6. Tots on the Side
You love them at home, you couldn’t get enough of them when you were a kid, and now you can get them at brunch with us. We added perfectly crispy tots on the side of brunch faves like our Avocado and Bacon Bennies. Try not to fall in love.


When it comes to brunch on King Street or Kelowna downtown, we’ve got you more than covered. From Happy Hour specials to breakfast pizza that defies brunch norms, it’s a feast fit for whatever weekend state you’re in. See you at either of our restaurants on Saturday and Sunday from 10 am-2 pm!