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December 5, 2023

King Taps Gift Cards vs Other Holiday Presents

King Taps Restaurant Gift Cards

The Joy of Gifting Restaurant Gift Card

’Tis the season to stress about what to get for a whoooole bunch of people on your list. From the dog walker and your kids’ teachers to that Secret Santa at the office you’ve only spoken to a few times, it’s tough out there in the world of gift giving.

Sure, there’s a long list of generic gifts you’ve considered, but we’re here to tell you why King Taps restaurant gift cards beat those basic options this holiday season. Reason number one: you get a $20 bonus card with every $100 in gift cards you buy!


Pizza Over Candles
Sure, candles are good to have around in case of a power outage, but last time we checked, emergency preparedness supplies aren’t the best way to show someone you care. Instead of giving something that just smells good, give something that TASTES seriously delicious (i.e. our handmade pizza) and send online gift cards for King Taps straight to the inboxes of everyone on your list. No shipping fees, no disappointed friends and family this holiday.


Just Say No to Socks
How to say “I know nothing about you” without saying a word. We all need socks, but their excitement value is clearly limited. Giving necessities is so much more fun when it comes in the form of a King Taps restaurant gift card. They’re gonna be making plans to visit ASAP, and our gift cards never expire. Your friends who love visiting Lake Okanagan in the summer can use our Kelowna restaurant gift card whenever they’re in town!


Give 50 Beers on Tap
Okay, there are worse gifts to get than a case of something random you picked up at the store. But if you don’t know their beer tastes, there’s a chance it’s going to sit in the back of the fridge until they throw it in the communal cooler at next summer’s BBQ. When you give a King Taps gift card, you’re giving them the choice of sought-after local brews, international faves and newly discovered gems we can’t wait for our guests to try. We’ve also got the non-beer drinkers covered with curated regional wine lists and seasonal cocktails from our ultra-creative bar team.


Best Desserts
We’re not sure if this is just an old holiday cliche, but if you were somehow considering fruitcake for anyone on your list: please don’t. For a better option, give all the desserts on our menu with (youuuu guessed it) a King Taps gift card!

Our iconic Cloud 9 is a guest favourite for a reason: warm banana bread topped with vanilla ice cream, fresh banana and pillowy whipped cream (It’s even on the brunch menu). Our Caramel Chocolate Mousse Trio is perfect for sharing, but we won’t judge anyone who takes it down on their own. And, proving that fruitcake gives British desserts a bad name, our Sticky Toffee Pudding is the ultimate meal-ender with date sponge cake, hot toffee sauce and vanilla ice cream.


No Substitutes for King Taps
When your gift recipient drops not-so-subtle hints about what they REALLY want this year? Don’t stray from the plan. Your pizza-loving coworker doesn’t want just any Toronto restaurant gift card, they want a trip to King Taps. We serve up craveable comfort food in surprising new ways. That means our menu is full of your favourite dishes, but you won’t find them quite like this anywhere else. Stick to the plan and stuff their stocking with a meal on you!

Now that we’ve convinced you to grab King Taps gift cards for everyone on your list, it’s time to place an order! Our eGift cards are available online, and physical gift cards can be purchased at King Taps Kelowna or Toronto. Remember: you get a $20 bonus for every $100 in gift cards you buy this holiday season!


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